Thursday, 22 May 2014

Blonde Ambition

It has been a looong time since I last posted, however,  I have an excuse, I swear.  I have been really focusing on finishing up my school in 2014, so I have pretty much been dedicated to that (things frivolous have had to take a backseat), but soon I will be finished and will be able to focus on things I find faaar more interesting.

I digress....this post is all about getting blonde hi-lights at home. I used to hi-light my hair myself all the time in Canada with the Revlon Hi-lighting kit. Since moving to Australia, I have not been able to find my trusty Revlon kit (the only kit I ever trusted for blonde hair).  I finally did decide to branch out and give a different brand a go!

I found the Clairol Frost & Tip Hi-lighting kit  at Woolworths for only $11-$12
It was the same cap-style hi-lighting technique and after researching a few different youtube/blogger results I decided to give it a go.

I was absolutely delighted with the results! I think the blonde shade may perhaps be even better than my original Revlon favourite. I left the dye/bleach on for 40minutes (normally with Revlon I left the dye on for an hour and then had to really tone it with Shwartzkoft Purple/Silver Shampoo (used as a really strong toner, would lift all the 'brassiness' out of my hair). 
With the Clairol kit, my hair was not brassy at all, no toner was needed, I used my purple shampoo regularly (did not leave it on as a mask/toner) and my hair was a beautiful shade of blonde. 
(I will add the above photograph is the true colour, no filter was added so the blonde tone you see is what I achieved from the Clairol kit^)

I will definitely be using the Clairol boxed kit in future!


Monday, 20 January 2014

Frivolous Apartment- Decanter Collection

Since I moved across the world, leaving all my former, household possessions behind AND I moved in with my boyfriend.....I have been frantically trying to turn the apartment we share into a place we will love to call home.

It's silly, in a way to think that familiar possessions are the things that make you feel at home, but in my case, decorating and filling the space you live in with items of comfort and inspiration are truly the things that make you feel 'at home'.

There are many different styles, vibes and attitudes that inspire me and the decor of our apartment.  I will reveal bits and pieces, as well as new additions to you in this blog.  Lets be honest, they do fall under the category of 'frivolous'.

Both of us are really into the 1920's, especially after watching The Great Gatsby, we love the poise of the era, as well as the glitz and glamour.  One thing I have always wanted to be a 'feature' in my home is a classy bar wear corner, filled with collectible decanters, fancy glasses and glittering trays.  We have started to create a little corner and collection in the dining room and here is what is there so far:

White Owl Vase-Target
Blue & Gold Decanter Set w/ 5 glasses-Gifted
Gold Striped Decanter- Vinnies $10.00

I am also, just slightly obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, and there are 'nods' to my favourite children's classic throughout my apartment, as well as many porcelain, white animals ;)

White Rabbit Print- Alice & Co (a darling little shop in Melbourne)
(I matted the print on blue paper and then framed it using a clean, white frame from IKEA)
String of long pearls- Sears (years and years old!)
Crystal Decanter Set w/ two matching glasses- Vinnies $30.00
Pair of white, porcelain Rabbits- one of the little boutiques located on the boardwalk in Cronulla

-My plan is to get a gorgeous either art deco tray/ or a beautiful mirrored tray to display this crystal decanter set on...I have been on the hunt for ages for the *perfect piece, hopefully I will acquire it soon!

I am an avid instagram poster, and I have created a hashtag for my apartment posts- #frivolousapartment, so I can have a documented space on there to display/easily look up all the apartment decor snaps!

Have you got a 'bar area', if so what great finds have you acquired?

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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Exploring Aussie Cosmetics-Lipstick RAVE

Since moving to Australia, I have been trying to test out different cosmetic companies to find my 'staples', since most of my dearly beloved cosmetic items are exorbitantly expensive down under.  I was shopping in Sportsgirl (an Australian clothing company), when I noticed a little counter dedicated to their line of cosmetics.  The packaging instantly grabbed me, as well as the name they had written in a heart on the lipstick cases 'Pout about it!". The bottom half of the lipstick case clearly displayed the colour of the lipstick inside (very similar to NYX lipsticks), which I find very helpful when you are searching for the right lippy to wear.

I decided to pick up a few and test them out, since the swatch I did of the testers showed up really pigmented and lovely.

I cannot express how delighted I was with these lipsticks, the three colours I chose to start off with are: Pink Ladies, Berrylicious and Fruit Tingle...all vastly different choices on the colour spectrum. All of these colours are very pigmented! and very true to the colour in the tube and the colour displayed in the packaging.  I believe the price rung in around the $9.00 mark (fairly cheap by Australian standards) and the quality of the product clearly speaks for itself!

Fruit Tingle- A gorgeous light peach/orange colour, vibrantly pigmented and matte.

 Berrylicious- A dark, raspberry colour, matte

Pink Ladies-Last but not least! My absolute favourite lipstick at the moment- very similar to MAC's Viva Glam Gaga, highly pigmented pink/purple with a slight gloss.


Monday, 6 January 2014

First Sydney Kings game of 2014 00TD

Just a little post of a casual/chic outfit I wore to the Sydney Kings basketball game this past week. 
This outfit is basically an outfit of bargains! I love looking at my outfit and knowing that at least one item was thrifted, not only for the fact that it was a good find, but also to know the item is unique, it is almost like finding a one of a kind piece!

'Normal is Boring'- First of all, who doesn't love this saying? I saw it for sale during boxing day week...and I knew I had to have it!- Bench $9.99
Black miniskirt- Forever21

Black Strap Wedge Sandals- 'Boston Belle'

Black Padded Purse with Gold Chain-Thrifted!
Citrine Ring-Tresors

Are you wearing a thrifted item today?


Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year...New Blog OOTN

Hello, fellow internet trollers and fashionistas! allow me to introduce myself, I am a 26 year old Canadian living in Australia (Sydney to be exact).  My name is Jenny and I have another blog which is near and dear to my heart:, where I post my poems, book reviews, general musings on life and travel.  

I decided to open this new blog (frocks and frivolity) in 2014 because I have another outlet besides writing, and that is fashion and all things frivolous!  I felt the need to separate these two mediums on different blogging outlets, as I didn't like the way it previously looked on when I mixed the two.

New Year...New resolutions?! 

Well, I am hoping with this new year, I will hopefully keep up with my blogging (on both blogging platforms), essentially I am hoping for one post at least once a week (on both blogs)...I hope I will be able to keep up with it!

So...this blog will be all about frivolous things and frocks!

What better way to begin this blog than a post of my New Years' Eve OOTN

I spent New Year's Eve boating around Sydney Harbour, we had a fantastic view of the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Above is a picture of my outfit in full length, and below I have a few snaps of me wearing my outfit during the day.

 Black Sequinned Top-Reitmans (boxing day sale find...$9.00)
Black Tutu Skirt w/ Cream Bow- Forever21
Strand of Pearls-Sears

Last but not adorable, red 'ruffled' high heel shoes...I purchased these quite a few years ago and they were a 'must pack' for me in my suitcase this year when I came back from Canada. I purchased them from Nordstrom Rack (many a superb find can be sussed out there!)

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