Saturday, 11 January 2014

Exploring Aussie Cosmetics-Lipstick RAVE

Since moving to Australia, I have been trying to test out different cosmetic companies to find my 'staples', since most of my dearly beloved cosmetic items are exorbitantly expensive down under.  I was shopping in Sportsgirl (an Australian clothing company), when I noticed a little counter dedicated to their line of cosmetics.  The packaging instantly grabbed me, as well as the name they had written in a heart on the lipstick cases 'Pout about it!". The bottom half of the lipstick case clearly displayed the colour of the lipstick inside (very similar to NYX lipsticks), which I find very helpful when you are searching for the right lippy to wear.

I decided to pick up a few and test them out, since the swatch I did of the testers showed up really pigmented and lovely.

I cannot express how delighted I was with these lipsticks, the three colours I chose to start off with are: Pink Ladies, Berrylicious and Fruit Tingle...all vastly different choices on the colour spectrum. All of these colours are very pigmented! and very true to the colour in the tube and the colour displayed in the packaging.  I believe the price rung in around the $9.00 mark (fairly cheap by Australian standards) and the quality of the product clearly speaks for itself!

Fruit Tingle- A gorgeous light peach/orange colour, vibrantly pigmented and matte.

 Berrylicious- A dark, raspberry colour, matte

Pink Ladies-Last but not least! My absolute favourite lipstick at the moment- very similar to MAC's Viva Glam Gaga, highly pigmented pink/purple with a slight gloss.



  1. ooh these look lovely! and so pigmented!! gorgeous !:) wish i could get them in ireland - guess i'll have to pop over to aus!! haha

  2. Such a lovely pigment! They look really good!


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