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Frocks and Frivolity is my little space on the Internet to post about fashion, finds, and all things frivolous! If you are looking for my 'deep, dark...slightly more intellectual side... check out my other space on the Internet, www.jennyscribbles.com.  Frocks and Frivolity will be sunshine and frills, no pondering about the meaning of life on here!

How to describe myself?!

Who?   Jenny, mid 20's girl, I am a student studying to be a paralegal....with a penchant for writing, tutu's, red heels and lipstick

What?  Canadian Expat

Where? Living in Sydney, Australia- living half my life downunder and returning to my Canadian mountains at least once a year

Why?  Australian boyfriend dragged me here....jk

That basically is the point-form version of my life right now...

I have a house bunny named Pancakes, she chills out with me while I test out products and excessively accessorise my outfits.

I can be found on Instagram & Twitter too...if you want to be friends @jennyscribbles

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