Thursday, 22 May 2014

Blonde Ambition

It has been a looong time since I last posted, however,  I have an excuse, I swear.  I have been really focusing on finishing up my school in 2014, so I have pretty much been dedicated to that (things frivolous have had to take a backseat), but soon I will be finished and will be able to focus on things I find faaar more interesting.

I digress....this post is all about getting blonde hi-lights at home. I used to hi-light my hair myself all the time in Canada with the Revlon Hi-lighting kit. Since moving to Australia, I have not been able to find my trusty Revlon kit (the only kit I ever trusted for blonde hair).  I finally did decide to branch out and give a different brand a go!

I found the Clairol Frost & Tip Hi-lighting kit  at Woolworths for only $11-$12
It was the same cap-style hi-lighting technique and after researching a few different youtube/blogger results I decided to give it a go.

I was absolutely delighted with the results! I think the blonde shade may perhaps be even better than my original Revlon favourite. I left the dye/bleach on for 40minutes (normally with Revlon I left the dye on for an hour and then had to really tone it with Shwartzkoft Purple/Silver Shampoo (used as a really strong toner, would lift all the 'brassiness' out of my hair). 
With the Clairol kit, my hair was not brassy at all, no toner was needed, I used my purple shampoo regularly (did not leave it on as a mask/toner) and my hair was a beautiful shade of blonde. 
(I will add the above photograph is the true colour, no filter was added so the blonde tone you see is what I achieved from the Clairol kit^)

I will definitely be using the Clairol boxed kit in future!


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