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First Sydney Kings game of 2014 00TD

Just a little post of a casual/chic outfit I wore to the Sydney Kings basketball game this past week. 
This outfit is basically an outfit of bargains! I love looking at my outfit and knowing that at least one item was thrifted, not only for the fact that it was a good find, but also to know the item is unique, it is almost like finding a one of a kind piece!

'Normal is Boring'- First of all, who doesn't love this saying? I saw it for sale during boxing day week...and I knew I had to have it!- Bench $9.99
Black miniskirt- Forever21

Black Strap Wedge Sandals- 'Boston Belle'

Black Padded Purse with Gold Chain-Thrifted!
Citrine Ring-Tresors

Are you wearing a thrifted item today?


New Year...New Blog OOTN

Hello, fellow internet trollers and fashionistas! allow me to introduce myself, I am a 26 year old Canadian living in Australia (Sydney to be exact).  My name is Jenny and I have another blog which is near and dear to my heart:, where I post my poems, book reviews, general musings on life and travel.  

I decided to open this new blog (frocks and frivolity) in 2014 because I have another outlet besides writing, and that is fashion and all things frivolous!  I felt the need to separate these two mediums on different blogging outlets, as I didn't like the way it previously looked on when I mixed the two.

New Year...New resolutions?! 

Well, I am hoping with this new year, I will hopefully keep up with my blogging (on both blogging platforms), essentially I am hoping for one post at least once a week (on both blogs)...I hope I will be able to keep up with it!

So...this blog will be all about frivolous things and frocks!

What better way to begin this blog than a post of my New Years' Eve OOTN

I spent New Year's Eve boating around Sydney Harbour, we had a fantastic view of the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Above is a picture of my outfit in full length, and below I have a few snaps of me wearing my outfit during the day.

 Black Sequinned Top-Reitmans (boxing day sale find...$9.00)
Black Tutu Skirt w/ Cream Bow- Forever21
Strand of Pearls-Sears

Last but not adorable, red 'ruffled' high heel shoes...I purchased these quite a few years ago and they were a 'must pack' for me in my suitcase this year when I came back from Canada. I purchased them from Nordstrom Rack (many a superb find can be sussed out there!)

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